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Woe to you, adventurer, you came here for treasure and fame but instead you have found:

The Tiles of Doom!

You’ll find no loot here wanderer, just monsters, meaner monsters and monsters that breathe fire. You have only one objective, FIND THE WAY OUT! 

Produced by CROMartin, Bahototh and Will for the Mini-Jam 8 presented on Itch.io.
Thanks for playing and your feedback / reviews are always appreciated!

Jam link: https://itch.io/jam/mini-jam-8-fantasy/entries 


Tiles of Doom-Default- 3 MB

Install instructions

Simple single time execution file. 


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I'd think it as a modernised version of a classic roguelike game. Because of the generated level, the difficulty can vary in parts, although in total each level seems about equally hard. If you're lucky, you get lots of barrels at the start and so you have a better chance of surviving. The game appears a tad hard for a beginner, but being well-made, it could well hold your interest long enough for you to succeed. I think the most learning the player has to do is with the attacks, especially the special attack.

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