Boss adjustment


  • First phase boss: During this phase the boss is constantly growing, longer he lives bigger he will get and as he dies bigger also a fire explosion will get bigger
  • Second phase boss: During this phase boss will constantly gain speed also his rate of firing fires will increase to 1 per second
  • Third phase boss: During this phase will shot laser as he did before but laser is more polished and he is more behaving like  laser. There is also his new lightning attack, he spawns 8 lightning that disperse around him, after every thunder cast he will increase disperse range of lightning. Old thunder attack is scraped
  • Fourth phase boss: During this phase boss will do exactly as it did, but from now on fire balls on hit will bounce in direction of player. Ball can only bounce 2 times and then destroys it self. 


Aug 18, 2019
GMTK Jam-Default- 5 MB
Aug 18, 2019

Get One Boss Too Many

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